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Petrel Torrent glegre




It is part of the superfamily Procellaridae, which also includes cormorants, fulmars, storm petrels, diving petrels, and the herring gull family Laridae. The 16 Procellariiformes families include gulls, storm petrels, fulmars, and relatives of these birds, such as diving petrels and prions. Tube-nosed birds are all birds with the nasal cavity facing forwards, with the back of the nasal opening and nostril lined with feathers, leaving a tube-like fleshy nostril at the end of the beak. This tube is a vestigial remnant of their prehistoric, saurian ancestors, and is homologous with the reptilian maxillary sinus. The phylogenetic placement of the Procellariiformes is difficult to discern in the Early Cretaceous of Gondwana, but the lack of evidence of a procellariiformis in this age suggests that they were not present during the formation of Gondwana. Later, the stem of the Procellariiformes is placed in the branch of the Ornithuromorpha in the early Middle Cretaceous, and are split into three clades: the Leucopternidae, the Tubulidentata, and the Procellariiformes. In the Leucopternidae the birds with their nostrils on the sides of the face were large-bodied, such as the emus and ostriches, while the tubulidentates have small nostrils. The evolutionary sequence of the ancestral procellariiforms is probably similar to the sequence shown in this figure. The earliest procellariiforms have their nostrils and nasal cavity on the sides of their faces. The fossil remains of the earliest Procellariiformes, such as Ichthyosauriformes, suggest that the nostrils and nasal cavity were on the sides of the face.[2] In the smaller species, like the extinct diving petrel, the nostrils are formed into an inverted comma, giving it a tube-like appearance, and it was likely that the tube was lined with feathers. The second group, the Leucopternidae, was divided in the Cretaceous into three clades, one of which has advanced beyond the Procellariiformes in the genus Phoebastria. The Phoebastriidae have their nostrils behind the eyes, while the Le



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Petrel Torrent glegre

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