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Aspiring to Transform Workplaces into a Psychologically Safe Place to Work in

The enabler of harmonic composition between manpower and the newest also adaptive technology


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As the first Employee Experience Platform in Indonesia, we provide

solid groundwork to help you retain your top talents more effectively​

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Virtual Psychological Assessment

“Your One Stop Solution Assessment Platform”

Collaborating insights from experts, talents, along with simple models from metaverse technology to provide solutions for the assessment process.

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Employee Experience Platform

“The First Employee Experience Platform in Indonesia”

EMX is a platform to help HR practitioners to make faster and better people decisions using real-time data in regard to retain employees more effectively and keep attrition under control.

We, TalentSights, identified that the problems and difficulties encountered in companies are found on both Organization and Personnel level. Here are the solutions that we can provide to help you manage your company more effectively.

Due to various problems found in managing organization and talents, TalentSights collaborates between the latest technology and science to be your best partner in providing the best Talent & Insights for your company.

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Our Value 

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To Go Miles

With this value, we beliefs that we will be your best partner for your company.

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Go Beyond
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Here's our workflow that we use. We will accompany you from end-to-end process.

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